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Websites of distinction designed by David Stockman

I have been designing and building websites for over ten years and specialise in rapidly deployed bespoke sites for discerning individuals and small businesses.

Most new sites are available within a few days of the customer approving the design.

All sites are built from scratch, without the use of templates, to provide unique high-impact sites tailored to the customer's business needs.

Besides building new websites I also optimise, update, administer and maintain existing websites.

To find out more about my web services please email me at david@davidstockman.co.uk or call me on 07976 770937 for a free evaluation of your web project.

All Websites designed by David Stockman include:-

  • Website design, build, administration and maintenance.
  • Search engine submission and optimisation.
  • Email setup.
  • Free Support.
  • Domain name registration, hosting setup & management.
  • Email setup.
  • Logo Design (if required).
  • All graphics and Images.
  • Favourites icon. Favicon
  • Site statistics, so that we can monitor visitor behaviour and usage. Site stats by Statcounter.com
  • Submission to Google Sitemaps™ and all major search engines.
  • All sites are W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) compliant for consistent cross-browser rendering and search engine friendliness.
  • Other features such as e-commerce, audio, animations, site search, RSS feeds Etc., are available as required.

Some sample websites

Ayres Clark Theatre School

North London based theatre school.

Commissioned to replace an ageing and outdated site.

Richman UK Limited.

Furniture manufacturer.

Online brochure - furniture products. Sales increased by 50% when the site went online.

Richman Turned Products.

Solid wood furniture manufacturer and wood turning specialist. Online product showcase.

Following the success of their furniture products site Richman commissioned me to build a site devoted to their custom turned products.

The Old Barge

Local pub.


The Woodstore

Solid pine and oak furniture retailer. Online catalogue.

With over 300 individual pages this site was completed and had paid for itself in under six weeks.

More websites...

Principles of good web design

  • Cross-browser compatibility.
    Fact: Only about 25% of users use Internet Explorer1 and 13% don't even use a Windows PC. A good design should be capable of rendering properly on all the major browsers.

  • Pages should be usable on any screen resolution.
    Fact: There is no standard screen resolution for computer monitors. Common resolutions range in size from 800x600 (pixels) to 1600x1200. A good design will display as intended at any scale without 'falling apart' or becoming unusable. This site is designed to be viewed at 1024x768 or above but is usable, without horizontal scrolling, at any resolution above 800x600.

  • Text must be readable.
    Fact: Not everyone has perfect vision. The whole purpose of a web page is to convey information, therefore if the content is difficult to read due to small text size or lack of contrast, people will have difficulty reading it and will probably just give up and and click away to a more legible site.

  • Pages should load quickly.
    Fact: Studies have shown that users are impatient and are unlikely to wait more than 13 seconds for a page to load and will simply leave a site before it is loaded. In these days of near ubiquitous broadband it's easy to forget that many people are still using 56k dial-up modems.

  • Keep it simple .
    We've all seen them, pages with so much going on - animations, ads, flashing text, multi-coloured boxes scattered all over the page - that you can't find what you're looking for. Web design definitely benefits from the less is more approach.

  • Clear navigation.
    Navigation should be clear and obvious. Any page on a site should be accessible, within two clicks, of any other. It shouldn't be necessary to use your browser's previous and next buttons.

1 Statistic from W3Schools.

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